Report a bug like a champ

Report a bug like a champ

The software you write will have regressions that the tests won't catch. You call them BUGS. It's inevitable.

Reporting them successfully is not an easy job but let's hope with those few hints you can make your fellow developers' job easier.


Title is sometimes the only thing a developer will read. Make it descriptive and easy to understand what the bug is about. Short sentence like Images are not uploading might not be sufficient. Probably something like While trying to upload avatar image on /account page I get a 403 error will do the job better.


Not always but sometimes it helps to add some details about your environment, meaning your OS, browser you used, browser version etc.

If a developer starts working on a bug, and he is for example using a different browser than the one you used, he/she might just comment it off with WORKS FOR ME, and move on to something else.


Straight facts. The Context is the king. The more information you supply, the better. Instead of saying I think... or I believe... clearly communicate what happened, what was the outcome, what was the expected outcome and what conditions applied.

Don't suggest the solution here. Sometimes it may throw off a person working on an issue by a misleading assumption.

Steps to reproduce

This is often forgotten part. It saves tons of time if you supply steps how to reproduce a behavior that you encountered. Points are enough e.g.

  • go to /account url
  • press Upload Avatar
  • choose image that is over 10 mb
  • press submit


Anything that can be of help.

  • if it was a problem with one particular image - attach  the image
  • if you have a screenshot or recording of the behavior - attach it to the bug report
  • if you have logs - attach them to the bug report
  • if this bug is something that happened again - attach previous bug report

Photo by Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash